7 Essential Blogging Tips (From a Total Newbie)

After blogging for a grand total of one month, I’ve decided to dish out advice literally no one asked me for. So buckle in while we run through seven of the most essential blogging tips & tricks I stole from other bloggers’ posts of the exact same topic!

Use Pictures

When I first starting blogging, I never used any featured images. Boy, was this a mistake. People are more likely to click on your post if there’s a nice picture to go along side it. Posts with pictures also take up more space in the Reader than posts without, so this is a quick way to grab someone’s attention. If you’re struggling to find free pictures that aren’t oozing with stock-photography smarminess, I suggest using sites like Pexels, Pixabay, or Unsplash. The photos also help break up your text into little sections and allows the post to breathe a little.


Use Subheadings

No one wants to read a giant wall of text. If you’re an outliner, the subheadings will be easier to pinpoint. Otherwise, look for natural break points in your post and sprinkle some in some subheadings. Readers who are in a rush can still get the gist of your post by skimming the subheadings while others can read the whole thing more easily.

Write an Eye-Catching Title

The title of our blog posts is the first thing people see. It’s what they use to decide wether or not they’re going to read. We would be remiss if we didn’t spend some time thinking up a good title. Fortunately, copywriters (and Buzzfeed interns) have made this one easier for the rest of us mortals. Using the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator gives you lots of options to choose from.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 7.49.49 PM
Type in three nouns and the generator will suggest blog post titles for you

♥ Engage With the Community ♥

This is the most important piece of advice on this list. Even though most of our posts are written in solitude, I strongly believe blogging is about community. When we hit “Publish”, we’re not sending out post out into an empty void (although, it sometimes feels that way). There’s a whole ecosystem of other bloggers, writers, and creatives writing about similar topics and engaging with each other in conversation and discussion.

Be social. Read other people’s blogs. Comment on their posts. Follow people you like. Not only will this attract other potential readers to your blog, but you get to part of a community of wonderful readers and writers who give you warm fuzzy feelings inside!

Use an Editorial Calendar

Planning your posts ahead of time saves you the pain of trying to come up with blogging topics and scheduling your posts in a timely manner. Some people recommend having a whole month’s worth of content before diving in but it really depends on how much planning you’re comfortable with. I usually make a list of all the possible blog posts I want to make that month and decided on which ones I’m writing a week in advance. This way, I’m not tied to any particular topic/post for each week and I have the flexibility to change me mind.

There’s lots of options when it comes to choosing a calendar. Google calendars is a popular choice but you could also use good old-fashioned pen and paper. If your a spreadsheet person, you might enjoy laying out your calendar in this way.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.02.31 PM
A snippet of my working editorial calendar. You can customize it however you like.

Promote Your Posts on Social Media

That’s right, grandpa. We have to tell the world about what we’ve just posted. This can seem like a daunting task at first but you don’t have to spam every single social media platform in existence about your latest blog post. Start with a channel that you think you’re comfortable with and start there. Research the popular and relevant hashtags used on each platform and incorporate them into your post. For example, Twitter’s #amwriting would be a good starting point. If the platform allows it, make sure to include a nice image (that you’re allowed to use, of course) to go with your post to increase the likelihood that people will click the link.

Follow Advice From Veteran Bloggers

They said it better than me, anyway:


♠ ♠ ♠

Like this post? Let me know what has been the most useful blogging tip you’ve come across 🙂 


2 thoughts on “7 Essential Blogging Tips (From a Total Newbie)”

  1. Excellent list and so much of it is common sense. Social media, reaching out to other bloggers and one…..I believe you didn’t mention (correct me if I’m wrong)…always reply to those who comment on your topic. It could be as little as a thank you or a full blown conversation.

    You have a fun blog. It’s clear you’re having fun and that is everything.


    Liked by 1 person

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